New classrooms ready to go

Brock’s new academic complex is open for business, and everyone is invited to celebrate.The $26 million academic complex will receive its grand opening Friday, Sept. 6 at 1pm. Staff and students are welcome to wander down to the new Walker Complex Courtyard to see what all the fuss is about.

In addition to faculty and students, other members of the community will be in attendance including representatives of the municipal, provincial and federal governments.

Tours of the 80,000 square foot expansion will begin immediately after the opening presentation.

If all that walking makes you parched and weary, you need not worry; refreshments will be served throughout the afternoon.

The one hour tour will include brief demonstrations of some of the most advanced educational technology in Canada, including broadband Internet videoconferencing equipment that enables real time collaboration between instructors, researchers and students from locations around the world.

The new complex is nestled at the western end of the campus, and will provide space for 1,700 students. It is divided into two main building blocks: Academic South Building and Academic North Building. These two striking constructions will house the new Computer Commons, several multi-media lecture halls, office space, state of the art labs and a general student meeting place.

The Ontario Government forked out $15.57 million in capital funding towards the academic expansion as part of its SuperBuild investment program.

Private donors contributed significantly to the construction of the complex through “Good, Better, Brock! The Campaign for Brock University.” The final phase of this campaign is underway to complete the financing for the academic buildings.

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