Letters to the editor

Who really cares, anyway?Who really cares about Brock? It’s a question that has plagued me for many moons now, as I try and finish up my university career.

I read this week that someone is upset about there being no women running for BUSU exec. My only response can be, you can’t make people care. If none of the women at Brock want to be political, then far be it from me to force it upon them.

Along the same lines, it has been my observation that school spirit at Brock is pretty piss poor. In part, this is due to the fact that some of our best teams don’t play on-campus; therefore, a major group of students (i.e. residence students) have difficulty getting to games.

Further along the residence lines, most social activity in residence seems centered around drinking. Not that this is a bad thing, but surely there is more to going to university than drinking. Aside from the fact that residence is unprepared for students who are not of legal drinking age, none of the other agencies have really taken steps to remedy this situation. Events in residence that are open to the students are really meant for 10-year-olds. How so? This is a non-denominational school. So you would expect that everyone has a right to express themselves.

But in residence, we have more stringent regulations than a PG-13 movie. We are not allowed this year to say the word “sex.” We can not have alcohol referenced on stage. We are not allowed to cross-dress. These being a few of the restrictions, to sum it up, we are not allowed to have any ‘edgy adult fun’ whatsoever. Why is this? Certainly not because the vast majority of residence students actually hold Christian values near and dear to their hearts. It’s mostly because those in charge, ranging from some of the dons to the top, they feel it is their personal mission to force values on residence students (Demonstrated by signs in the hallway asking “do you know the true meaning of Easter,” I respond “Yes” and rip the sign down).

To end my letter, if it isn’t obvious to you by now that student spirit has been snubbed by the authorities at Brock, then you have really just proved my point. Brock has not made a significant influence on your life.


John Allen, DeCew Rez

Empty calories, empty dream

You know what I think, I think we should all just drop out. I mean hell why not, right? It is not as if students enjoy going to class.

We all know that no one likes to write an essay or an exam. And it is pretty damn obvious that we are all afraid to pay for it, that lofty “higher education.”

Because really, who wants to have a white collar job that pays $42,000/year when it seems privileged enough to have a McJob that pays $6.85/hr. Just like the food you’ll be selling these institutions provide nothing but empty calories. Personally, I’m excited and enthralled at the chance to subvert my own desires to be the cog in their machine.

Now that I see and hear all the huff and puff about tuition I know that just maybe you guys are fed up, too.

To me, it is not an issue of having to pay the price, or one of equal chance for all to come, but the way I see it, is that if universities start jacking the price, well their inflated egos just aren’t worth it.

Ryan Gulyas,

second-year integrated studies

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