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The Brock Press is looking for an editor-in-chief for the 2002-2003 publication year. Candidates should have extensive editing, writing, and production experience. Administrative or management experience would be an asset.The position is paid a salary of $18,300 and qualifies for benefits.

Those interested should apply with a resume and cover letter to Anya Spethmann, editor-in-chief of the Brock Press. Those with questions should contact Anya at x.3269 or A job description follows.

The deadline for applications is 4 p.m. Friday, February 15, 2002.



SUPERVISORS: Board of Directors, acknowledging the freedom of The Brock Press. Business Manager, on financial matters only. Publication Board, acknowledging the limitations set out in Section 6.0, subsection 6 of the Brock Press Policies and Procedures.

POSITION SUMMARY: To oversee the general management of The Brock Press with regards to production, assembly and financial matters. The Editor-in-chief will supervise all staff members, Collective members and volunteers of The Brock Press. In all matters where the Editor-in-chief attains final authority, they must keep the integrity of The Brock Press as top priority at all times. It is the responsibility of the Editor-in-chief to work all the hours necessary to meet their production schedule. The Editor-in-chief is paid a salary on a weekly basis.

QUALIFICATIONS: This position requires someone who was a Brock student at the time that they were hired but not necessarily during their term of employment. Basic word processing and previous computer experience is a must. Knowledge of publishing programs is strongly recommended. This person must have past writing experience with any form of media and past editing experience would be beneficial. Previous management experience in any field is strongly recommended. This person must be an individual who is energetic, creative, flexible, displays good judgment, has strong people skills and someone who is a strong team leader as well as a team player.

DUTIES: Responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to the following:

1. The overall management of the paper, including the execution of the objectives of The Brock Press;

2. The editorial/opinion section of the paper, including the writing of the editorial, collection of columns, letters to the editor, club news, unclassifieds and any other information that may be necessary to complete the section and ensure the completion of the paper;

3. The handling of all administrative affairs (i.e. ordering supplies, submitting a weekly payroll list and all invoices to the Brock University Students’ Union Bookkeeper);

4. Setting weekly deadlines in consultation with the Section Editors, the Layout Editor and the Chief Photographer;

5. Chairing weekly staff/collective meetings;

6. Drawing a budget for the year in consultation with the Brock University Students’ Union business manager, Vice-President Finance and Administration and the outgoing Editor-in-chief. The budget will receive consistent monthly reviews during the year;

7. Providing aid and training to Section Editors and new writers regarding proper writing, editing and layout skills;

8. Maintaining and updating The Brock Press Style Manual in accordance with the Canadian Press Stylebook, allowing for reasonable adaptations, as seen fit by the Editor-in-chief;

9. Acting as Press representative with the university administration, the Brock University Student’s Union and the community;

10. Overseeing a recruitment drive in September to help attract new members to the paper and providing any necessary training the new members require;

11. The Editor-in-chief’s term of employment shall run for twelve months, beginning on the first of May and continuing until the thirtieth of the following April;

12. Producing a written year-end report to present to Brock University Students’ Union’s Board of Directors and for the incoming Editor-in-chief;

13. Maintaining office equipment;

14. Organizing distribution of papers on campus and within the city;

15. When necessary, act as a mediator between any staff conflict, as well as deal with any external problems brought forward from students, staff, faculty or community members;

16. Maintain reasonable office hours in order to complete work and be accessible to students, staff, faculty and members of the community;

17. Ensure the completion of each edition as well as its arrival to the printers;

18. Responsible for initiating and maintaining all workplace safety and other regulatory courses as required;

19. Making sure the completion of the archiving of the paper (both manually and electronically) is completed from week to week; and,

20. Any other duties that can be reasonably expected of that person in order to fulfill the demands of the position.

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