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No women. No visible minorities. I’ve seen frat meetings more diverse than the BUSU elections this year. Women make up about 60 per cent of Brock’s population, and in my four years at Brock, there have been two female execs. Next year will make it two of 20. Sixty per cent females form 10 per cent of the executive …

What’s even more troubling is that nobody seems to care.

Yeah, sure. It’s student politics. It’s boring. It’s a bunch of self-important wankers endlessly debating obscure points of Robert’s Rules with only even more self-important student paper types there to listen.

But still … It’s $11.70 per credit that you have to pay. Plus the capital fee. Plus the construction fee. Plus the safety fee, and the health plan. Plus, well, you get the point. It totals $3-million of your money.

And it doesn’t just evaporate. It funds the services that people at this university use, like Isaac’s, emergency student loans, O-Week and (OK we’re biased) the Press. Not to mention clubs that serve groups like the Muslim, Tamil and other communities. Not to mention that the disgraceful lack of anything even vaguely resembling a Pride centre means that the LGBQ club is the only formal support system for queers on campus.

And the people who will be overseeing these services for the next year are in no way representative of the student population they will serve. Maybe women just have better things to do with their time than slave away for barely minimum wage. But until we ask if there’s something in the atmosphere that discourages women from running, it’s a disservice to the student body BUSU is supposed to represent to dismiss these concerns.

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