3 corporate heads appointed to Brock board of trustees

With the student enrollment increasing and the double cohort looming on the horizon, Brock University is doing its best to battle the inevitable growing pains. In an attempt to manage this increased growth, three corporate members have been appointed to the board of trustees in Tim Dool, president and CEO of Algoma Central Corporation, H. Rudi Kroeker, president and CEO of Whiting Equipment Canada Inc; and Mark Steinman, Executive Vice President and CEO of Stelco Inc. Kroeker is recognized as one of the leading industrialists in the Niagara region and among other duties, is a director of the Niagara Economic and Tourism Corporation.

“It is inaccurate to call them corporate members – it just so happens the three new appointments hold senior corporate positions,” said David Atkinson, president of Brock University. He continued by noting that the board of trustees already features members who are among other things: lawyers, physicians and accountants.

“The knowledge and business experience of these new board members will serve the university well, especially at this time of unprecedented growth,” Atkinson stated.

Despite not having met the three new members yet, Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) President Duncan Small echoed the president’s sentiments. “I think they will be a welcome addition to the Board of Trustees,” he said.

Any appointments to the Board of Trustees are important to note given the power that will be entrusted in them. According to the Brock University faculty handbook, “The government conduct, management and control of the University and of its property, revenues, expenditures, business and affairs are vested in the board.”

Comprising the board of trustees are: 21 lay members, three faculty members, three student members, three permanent staff, the chancellor and the president of the university. The new members will be incorporated as lay members and as such, have been appointed for three years, with their terms ending in June 2004.

Atkinson also noted that positions on the board are purely voluntary and members receive no compensation.

“The board acts in the best interest of the university and the community as a whole, so I

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