Want more info about smoking? Check out Health Services thursday from 5-7pm for a one-on-one info session.Thinking of quitting? Maybe we can make it worth your while. Keep your ear to thr ground for more information.

uggghhh. I was totally disgusted by the hairy bum.

world velcro tieing championships last wednsday 3pm in the gym

how about you write the unclassifieds for us.

Wiggle it

All smiles, eh? You got laid last night didn’t you?

If a water buffalo smoked cigarettes would you try and make him quit too?

R.I.P Mindbomb

Welcome back Troy. We hope you had a fabulous time. Your presence was thuroughly missed!

I want your money!!!!!

Hot dogs get your hot dogs here… Everybody, buy a hot dog from Jordy.

I feel threatened by your feminininininity. And the knife in your left hand.

One day until tommorow, but only 41 days until January 17th. Think bout that just a little huh…

Who forgot December???

Grey hoody club, with our without kangaroo pockets, all are welcome.

fdh ggnavjn;k ds idfos’ gh hjcv sdh fh sdh vh xv kxkh lx.s;
my dog Mr. Puddles says hello

I am watching

Play with guns or play with yourself, what would you rather do??? War is stupid.

Hay davy would ya water my plants for me well I am gone? The keys are in the mail box as per usual. We can get drunk when I get back on tuesday as per usual.

I hate the alphabet but I love the soup, thems the breaks.

Did you hear the one about the courdoroy pilow? It’s making headlines!!

Do you have any vallium in your desk?

Flowers in your hair, flowers in your hair… it hurts to be as pretty as the horticulture boy.

What is the longest anyone has ever gone subsisting on Mr. Noodles and koolaid? Because, I don’t think I can make it for much longer.

Ben your mother loves you very much she says she misses you and she wants to remind you to not take drugs.

Jody, ya got nice booty

Robyn, for the love of salad… eat some meat.

music, that which soothes the soul, and then makes you dance like the drunken idiot you really are.

Smokers Needed for a study

Please call 905 324 4674 and leave your name and number. You will be paid $35.00 for your time.

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