OK …
The masked bandit wearing the pink jock strap better stop pushing periodicals off of the library shelves, ‘cause if I find you, I’m gonna turn your foo-foo fairy ass into schmagma!Do-ee
Thanks for finally writing. You’re not in “@X!” anymore. I hope you had fun on the 10th/11th. Don’t eat too many chocolates, you might end up looking like me!
Your, Monster

Make 20,10. Make 10,5. Whatever your count, cut it in half … we may have a prize for you.

Leave the pack behind is a research project/service for everyone at Brock. We have prizes and information for smokers, non-smokers, and ex-smokers. Check out www.leavethepackbehind.org for a plethora of info!

Looking For Smokers
Who Are 25yrs and older will pay you $35.00 per person.
Please call 905 324 4674 please leave your name and number and smoking brand

I know i was supposed to say hi to someone but I just can’t remember who the hell you are. But don’t worry, you’re still a very important person in my life.

When your pet rock dies, do you flush it down the toilet?

A simple recommendation
When you’re disparaging someone’s writing in a most scathing fashion, it’s best not to spell ‘writer’ with two ‘t’s.
A friendly editor

The trouble with you is that you’re troublesome and that ain’t even the least of it seeing as you’re so damn fat and smelly too.

To all the lonesome hearts, you’ll find reconciliation in the bottle, bottles of booze, bottles of ketchup, hell you’ll even find it in a message in a bottle if you listen hard enough, whatever you do though just stop looking at me like a piece of meat, these boobs aren’t for you. I know you’ll all remember this …

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