To Whom it Concerns,
I’m a second year business communications student and I was wondering why there isn’t more world news regarding business. I find the sport section a bit large for what its worth. I’ve noticed in other issues besides this week’s, that the Press is hurting for writers. Is it possible to make public opinion articles more noticable? I like reading about what other people think. If it was easier to voice my own opinion I might do it more often. I don’t mean to criticize to harshly but I also find that there is a lot of comparison between Brock and other universities in Canada. I love being here at Brock and sometimes I’m threatened by reading what other schools have to offer. In general I think this school needs to be a bit more proud of itself. The Press could do a lot to increase that pride. You have a lot more influence than you think you do! One more thing and I swear its the last! I’m a huge music fan. Would it be possible to expand the culture section to include more music news. More news about local bands and forthcoming CD’s would be much appreciated by this reader! Anyway thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts!Laura Peters

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