Christian Assumptions

To whom it may concern:I am writing this letter in question of the recent decorations added to the Residence Dining Hall. The theme of “Santa” and the “North Pole” are, whether or not intentional, undoubtedly in reference to the Christian holiday, Christmas. At such a large, culturally diverse institution, it worries me that only the Christian ideology prevails. Even if the majority of the school is of Christian background, it is ignorant and disrespectful to make such a display in an atmosphere that should be welcoming to everyone, both religious and not. Since many different holidays are celebrated in the upcoming months, it would be just as pleasant, and more considerate, if the cafeteria was decorated in a “winter” theme.

Another point of concern happened during the house dinner I attended last month. Before the meal, a Christian minister asked everyone to join him in saying “grace”. Once again, though I am sure his intentions were honourable, it was inappropriate, and offensive, to assume that everyone in attendance was a Christian. Religion should be a personal choice and everyone should be allowed to worship or not worship as they please. Having a religious figurehead is not necessary on such an occasion.

I hope my words will be taken into consideration as I am trying to speak in the most open-minded and considerate perspective. Thank you.

Melissa Middleton
Brock University Student

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