A sports fan’s winter wonderland

This time of year feels like heaven to many sports enthusiasts. Once a year, around late October and early November every major North American sport is in full swing. This past weekend was that special time of year. The National Hockey League is 10 games into the season, basketball and the highly anticipated season of the Toronto Raptors began a week ago, the National Football League is already half-way through its rigorous campaign and baseball came to a conclusion with the Arizona Diamondbacks capturing the World Series.

What more can you ask for? Your head must have been spinning out of control, you change the channel, one sport, change it again, a different sport. Not everyone likes these sports, but for someone who does, they had a great weekend.

Why are sports so important during this time of the year?

The four major professional sports are in high gear as the world prepares for the possibility of a world war. In lieu of the terrorist attacks, sports are obviously distracting fans from the conflicts that many face every day. Credit is due to the New York Yankees; for a city that is quite simply trampled into pieces of rubble, sports events have enabled the entire population of New York to think about other things. Sports happens to be the cheapest therapy for these people as many still live in fear of the possibility of more attacks. All I know, is that the New York Rangers better start playing better or there are going to be a shortage of therapists in the Big Apple.

Professional sports have a purpose in life. It relieves stress and anxiety for those who just can’t deal with the daily grind any longer. So was the scheduling of all these sports put together to meet on this pivotal weekend a coincidence? Even if it wasn’t, it was still fun.

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