What were they thinking?

How rude. How disgusting. How insensitive.Women have come a long way throughout history in striving for equality and respect. Without argument men and women alike would agree they have been successful in many of their plights.

Yet, in the year 2001, women are still subjected to degrading profanity simply based on their sexuality and The Brock Press has helped in distributing this way of thought to the thousands of students who read their newspaper.

Don’t believe it? Check it out for yourself.

On page 10, of the Sept. 25 edition of Students Speak in The Brock Press, one student’s response will leave you shocked and disgusted … or at least it should.

Students were asked if they would share a room in Village Residence if the rent was marginally less, and one student, who should remain unnamed, is quoted as saying “Only if it’s a hot girl with really fucking big tits.”

While many of you are conditioned to this type of desensitizing language used towards women, it is not acceptable nor should it be published in a student newspaper where it has the potential to be perceived as “normal” by others.

As a journalism graduate I was appalled to read such content in a publication that prides itself on being produced for the students by the students.

You would expect a higher level of consciousness when publishing material that represents the university community, but instead we broadcast this disgraceful way of treating our equal counterparts in black and white.

“I think this language is demeaning and the editors should have exercised more discretion in this regard. It‘s not appropriate and it’s unbalanced,” commented Maureen Connolly, Ph.D, associate professor of physical education and instructor of women’s studies 1F90.

Connolly added, because women may fear being labelled as “too sensitive or prickly” about this sort of issue it doesn’t get the out cry it deserves, leaving many to just laugh it off.

For the men who may feel women are too sensitive, my suggestion to is to open your eyes and think again.

Any man with some degree of intellect should be equally offended by this student’s comment. It is of those very words that lead many men into negative stereotypes.

This publication proves that a woman’s fight for equality is far from over. My thanks goes out to The Brock Press for proving to us that ignorance is alive and well within our university community.

Laura Ricciuto is a first year Brock student.

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