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Geeks to the left of me. Geeks to the right of me. And here I am, stuck in the middle of Geekland with geeks. That’s right, Brock hosted a student newspaper conference this past weekend.Did you wonder what that dense, inky cloud hovering over MacChown and the Student Center this weekend was? Imagine more than 70 really newsprint saturated Pigpen’s wandering around, drinking legions of coffee and scamming for free food.

Twas a crazy weekend indeed. One of the highlights: police needed to be called to break up a brawl that almost erupted when the U of Ottawa Fulcrum was heard to remark “The Varsity’s masthead typeface is visually jarring.” This caused the Torontonians from the Varsity to rebutt: “Yeah, well the Fulcrum couldn’t lay out an attractive photo spread to save their lives.” You have no idea the animosity that can erupt when one’s linescreen is attacked. A rumble was brewing, with more of us dorks swarming around with our notepads, scheming for the best adjective to describe the harrowing situation.

Another interesting aspect of the weekend I’d like to bring to your attention: in the goodie bags that each of the attendants of the conference received, there was a condom. Talk about your unnecessary preventative measures. One would think that the simple act of being in a position to attend a student newspaper conference would be contraception enough. And were I low enough, I would make a joke about the fact that the condoms used in the bags were all large condoms. But I, of course, am not so low.

So, if you were downtown in pretty much any pub Friday night, and overheard heated arguments over serifs, which font is appropriate for header boxes, or QuarkXPress vs. InDesign, now you know why. Feel free to belittle us as you will. We deserve it.

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