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SloanPretty Together

“If it feels good do it,” they say, even if you shouldn’t.

Sloan have become quite successful at replicating English sounds of the past on their latest release, Pretty Together. Beatles influence was painted all over 1996‘s, From One Chord To Another – “The Lies You Amend” in particular. Pretty Together’s “In The Movies” opens with a blatant mimic of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” “Pick It Up And Dial It” is clearly rich in that 70’s stadium rock band sound.

As a whole, Pretty Together appears to croon much more than it does rock, despite numerous references to knowing what “rock ‘n’ roll” is all about.” The band, however, does have an ability to churn out songs that sound and feel like you’ve been humming along to them for years – only you haven’t. All would-be piano songs on this release are confessed to have been converted into acoustic guitar, according to Chris Murphy, who shares equal songwriting duties with the remainder of the four-piece Halifax outfit.

Although Sloan’s maturity since the days of ‘92’s Smeared and 94’s Twice Removed is evident this time around, Pretty Together comes across being too user friendly to be truly accomplished, which may just be a result of what extensive touring in Europe can do to a bunch of Canadian lads from the east coast. (murderecords)

— Kurt Bradley

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