On a journey to stardom

By the time that you get to this article you will have noticed that the text and format of the sports section has taken on a new look. That is because in today’s sports world it is imperative to constantly integrate popular culture and the actual sports news.The delivery of sports news is often functionally the same as world or entertainment news but enjoys the presence of movie quotes, television programs and even musical allusions. All you have to do is watch TSN Sportcentre and compare it to CNN Headline News and you can’t help but notice that although both deliver important news, the way in which the information is shared in a sportscast is more like a conversation amongst friends than an actual factual report of the events. For example, a report of George W. Bush’s attack on Afghanistan might read something like, “Bush’s administration has declared war on Afghanistan this afternoon as is evident through their evening bombings of strategic military targets.” If describing this event through a sports perspective it would simply read, “Bush’s administration marched into Afghanistan and absolutely undressed Bin Laden and the crew.” As you can see, the same message is delivered just in a different style; and that is what the sporting news industry has become.

As everyone’s favorite CEO Vince McMahon has pointed out for years, sports is about entertainment; and although it is important to have the facts straight it is the responsibility of the writer to deliver the message in the style that the industry has embraced. The Brock Press’ sports section will now feature reporting and commentary that includes popular culture references that sports fans will appreciate. Everything from hip hop to movies need to be included. I mean, isn’t that pretty much part and parcel what the sport’s industry is about now anyway. Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the cutting edge of entertainment history. Everyone from basketball players (Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal) to boxers (Oscar de la Hoya) have released music albums. Almost every prominent athlete has had a lead role in a film. Shaq, Hulk Hogan and Ray Allen are just a few examples. And, there are more and more successful “sports movies” every year. Just think of how big King Pin was!

From an aesthetic stand-point it is also important to realize (and appreciate it, I work damn hard!) that statistics are one of the most enjoyed facets of sports reporting. Not just for the writer, but the reader too turns to most sports pages to learn who won the game, how many innings a particular pitcher pitched, number of shots on goal etcetera. For this reason, the sports section will now feature a “Scoreboard” page which will include standings, Top 10 rankings and the ever popular, “Weber’s Top 10 … sports edition.” The scoreboard can be found on the back page of the sports section every week. Another feature that will be used as frequently as possible is the use of pull-out scores and quotes so that readers can get the jist of an event without having to fully peruse the entire story. This feature will be particularly beneficial for those that want to see who did what.

So, with that in mind, keep your head’s high and I’ll see you on the flip-side.

I’m out!

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