I bet I can help you gamble more efficiently

Depending on the type of sports fan you are there are one of two things that goes through your mind when you prepare for Sunday’s National Football League (NFL) action. If you are a fan of a particular team you are probably excited to see them in action. If you are a betting man you probably start foaming at the mouth in eager anticipation of seeing whether or not you won.Well, after reading this article your wagering results are going to improve in one way or another. It is important to understand that whether you are a pro-line player or someone with an offshore account there are numerous ways that you can collect information and use alternative wagering strategies to increase your chances of success.

Gathering sound information about the match-up that you are preparing to wager on is perhaps the most important facet of gambling. Understanding that gambling isn’t just luck is equally important and this article will provide you with solutions that will give you a distinct advantage.

First, use the internet as much as possible to get injury reports, trends, head-to-head history and weather conditions. If playing offshore, the line is simply an indication of who should have an advantage in the game it is not necessarily a reflection of who the better team is. After doing sound research it is often possible to find discrepancies. For example, this past weekend the Oakland Raiders were 21.5 points pro-line favorites.

After doing some research you would have found that in the history of the NFL there has only been a hand full of occasions when a team favored by more than 17 points has covered. The key to sound wagering is putting your money on the team that has the best set of variables. One Web site that is particularly helpful for gathering information is www.everyedge.com. This site offers everything from match-up reports to weather conditions to free picks.

The second key to solid wagering is understanding what betting options are available to you.

In an offshore account your advantages include things such as teaser’s and single game plays. By using a teaser you can change the line to suit your needs. For example, if you thought that Dallas could cover the 21.5 points a teaser would allow you to extend the point spread to 26.5-28.5. In this situation, you could take Dallas and be extremely confident that Oakland was not going to beat Dallas by 27 or 29 points.

As a pro-line player you have options also. In pro-line you must choose a minimum of three games. Well, by implementing round robin systems (Games 1-2-3 on one ticket, 1-2-4 on another, 1-3-4 on another and 2-3-4 on another) you diminish the amount of correct selections you require to produce a winning ticket.

Just remember; sports wagering is not all luck but it is only intended for those that are in a position where they can afford to loose their investment every once in a while.

Do your research and play to profit and you too can be a gambling guru.

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