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OPIRG Brock Holds 2001 annual general meetingOn Oct. 3, 2001 Ontario Public Interest Group (OPIRG) Brock held its annual general meeting. OPIRG Brock began in 1988 after a student referendum supporting the introduction of a PIRG at Brock. Introduced were Experience Plus! student Amy Gilbert and OWSP student Petra Sieg who are here to assist our action groups, promote the resource centre and raise awareness of OPIRG programming on campus.

The annual general meeting is also the opportunity for the election and acclimation of board members. This year, continuing board members are Karen Hofman and Ron Walker. Acclaimed board members are Angela Moran, Rebecca McHugh, Robin Perry, Jeremy Arsenault and David Murdoch.

The financial report from the 2000-2001 year was presented and we are happy to report that OPIRG remained within the budget for the year with $426 left over. We addressed students’ concerns and these were solidified into four “umbrella groups:” Social Justice: including racism, global economy, poverty; Environmental: including water and hemp; Human Rights: including Amnesty International; Animal Rights: including vegetarianism and veganism; Other topics will be included as they arise.

Those interested in social and environmental issues, come on up to the OPIRG resource centre, Student Centre #306 (right down the hall beside Sophie’s). Visit us online at: and at opirgbu@spartan.

Computer Gods

Special lecture “Getting the Best From Information Systems: A Philosophical Approach,” by Dr. Andrew Basden, U of Salford, IT Institute, U.K., Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 2 p.m. in the Senate Chambers.

Hosted by Campus Ministries ext. 3134. All are welcome.

Political Science Speaker’s Series, Brown Bag Presentation

Professor Terry Carroll

“Reflections of Terror 6-weeks After 9/11”

Tuesday, October 23, Noon to 1 in MCC303

Brock Rotaract Club

Volunteer to help globally and locally. Join our club! Thistle Hallway, Wednesday Oct 17 11 a.m.-12:30. Trivial Recruit Room Oct. 17 3-4 p.m.. After hours Decew Oct. 18, 2-3 p.m..

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