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And to think you missed it. Along with the excitement that is Monday night football this past week in Isaac’s, Brock University received a special treat. All the way from Buffalo, N.Y., came the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders, the Buffalo Jills. Well, two of them anyway. But who needs more than two when that pair exhibits such a glow about the place. With them present it hardly felt like the poorly lit, open concept warehouse-turned-drinking hole we all know and love. Of course, our blessing of a visit with these two goddesses of the gridiron was almost never to be, when tragedy nearly struck just inches from the goal line. As the zero hour drew near, and the Jills had arrived on our campus in their compact economy car (what a way for such specimens to travel … shameful), a crisis presented itself to our buxom beauties. They stood on the sidewalk of the traffic circle, darting their heads to and fro, the fading twilight threatening to completely extinguish at any second, leaving the ladies stranded and alone in a hostile and unfamiliar place. Fortunately, at this very moment, the dashing and handsome Humour Editor™, was passing by, on his way to the Brock Press office, and the lovelies cried out:“How do we get inside??”

Whatever do I do? Do I help? Do I fall to the ground laughing? Do I immediately take advantage of the situation by directing them to my residence townhouse under the mistaken ruse that it is Isaac’s? No. My chivalrous nature prevails, and I call out, “Use the door. Right on the side there.”

A look of what could almost be called comprehension passes over their faces, and they begin to follow my instructions, only getting lost once along the way. Once inside, they got down to the real business of selling over-priced swimsuit calendars, and repulsing older drunk men (who were at a school pub why?). They only met their esteemed savior once more, when I went back to Isaac’s armed with a digital camera to take pictures (which were accidently erased…)to go with this article, making fun of them for not being able to find a goddamned door. Sheesh. How do these people make it this far in life? Oh well. The calendar’s nice anyway. Some people ain’t in it for their brains.

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