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SlayerGod Hates Us All

Slayer is a band that has been around for almost 20 years now. They debuted in 1983 with Show No Mercy, and you wanna know what? They still don’t suck. Now I’ll be honest when I say I used to be afraid to be a Slayer fan, and admit it. But after the endless onslaught of terribly unoriginal nu-metal bands like Limp Wristed, Papa Roach and the gawd awful Crazy Town, people began to realize that the metal world needed some changes. And it needed them fast.

With their latest offering God Hates Us All, Slayer put all that nu-metal crap to bed. They serve up thundering blast beats coupled with terribly fast, and outrageously heavy guitar riffs. This album is a slab of real metal for the real metal fan. Lead guitarist Kerry King delves deep into the classic Slayer albums for inspiration this time around, and he didn‘t fail in his quest.

A guitar sound that combines both crunchy, chugging guitars, with classic thrash/speed riffs as well as an unequalled soloing ability, this album is sure to please any Slayer fans of old. Songs like “Disciple”, “Payback”, and “War Zone” are all brutal from start to finish. Slayer’s members are all around 40, and can still impress the hell out of me. Skids of the world, unite, don your leather jackets, grow out your hair, and get those devil horns in the air. Cos, Slayer is back, and they’re still mad as hell. (American Records, 2001)

— Zach Parker

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