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Anya,After reading your ‘editor’s letter’ in the Fresh guide I was totally inspired to volunteer at the Brock Press. I’m interested in writing two sections for the Brock Press:

1. a vegan / vegetarian section
2. cd reviews

In your editor’s letter you said, “our commitment to radicalism may have waned a little” (since the 1960-70’s). I think you could help reinforce the Brock Press’ waning commitment to radicalism by adding a vegan section to the newspaper. Veganism is a radical choice to strive to live without causing animal suffering. The two other main reasons to go vegan are for your own health and for the health of the planet. In the column I could help inform the public about veganism and reasons to choose to follow a vegan lifestyle. I could also give vegan recipes, conduct interviews, and write about: vegan/health book reviews, vegan movie reviews, vegan/vegetarian restaurant reviews/ratings, info on health food stores, vegan food product reviews (for ex. the marvelous Tofutti Cutie ice “cream” bars), media and culture analysis from a vegan perspective, vegan news, info on non-food aspects of a vegan lifestyle (vegan beauty and bath products, vegan clothes and shoes, vegan health and nutrition, vegan philosophy, tips for new vegans, how to eat out vegan, etc., etc., etc. I’ve got tons of ideas.

I’d also like to write cd reviews for the Brock Press. I really love listening to music, and though I have no cd review writing experience, if you need someone to review cds, I’d like to volunteer for you. Some albums I’m really looking forward to are the new Smog album, _Rain on Lens_, the debut Circulatory System album (this is an Olivia Tremor Control post-project), new Gerbils and live Jeff Mangum (of the Neutral Milk Hotel) out on Orange Twin Records in september. Also, later this year will be the new Julie Doiron records (all en francais!), Marshmallow Coast, and three(!) New Music Tapes albums.

Let me know if you’d like me to write a vegan column and/or write cd reviews.

matt lillie

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