Good, Better, Brock scores big

The Good, Better, Brock fundraising campaign got a boost May 28 with the announcement of its largest donation yet and a new co-chair.In a special presentation to a Pond Inlet packed with senior administrators, bankers and local university supporters, Brock University President David Atkinson announced that Scotiabank had donated $650,000 to the campaign and Ti-Cats owner George Grant as its new co-chair.

Wendy Hannam, senior vice-president, Ontario region, said the donation is in keeping with the bank’s commitment to community life and supporting education.

“Brock is really important to Niagara, and Niagara is very important to our bank,” she said.

Scotiabank donated almost $9-million to post-secondary institutions since 1995, including McMaster and Waterloo. Hannam says the bank does not focus on particular types of education, but tries to work with schools according to their needs.

The donation brings the university more than halfway to its goal of $29.2 million. Administration will recognize the donation in naming the academic complex currently under construction and a case study room. The complex is scheduled to be completed in fall, 2002.

Grant is also vice-chair of the Ti-Cats, a partner is the Ottawa Senators and chairman of the Vanier Cup. He joined Brock’s Board of Trustees earlier this year. He is president and CEO of Grant Broadcasting, and owns radio stations CJRN AM and CKEY FM in Niagara Falls.

Norris Walker, of Walker Industries, has chaired the campaign since its inception. Walker will remain responsible for the Niagara division, while Grant will cover the Toronto area.

Atksinson praised Grant for the business experience and contacts outside the region that he will bring to the campaign.

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