CD Review: Weezer

WeezerThis is it? This is what Weezer fans have been frothing at the mouth over for the last five years? How very disappointing.
Granted, people’s expectations were ridiculously high after their first two albums — what’s a band to do when they peak on their debut? Well, the answer certainly isn’t the green album. Gone is the geek rock, that quirky blend of grunge guitars and disheveled falsetto vocals that made the first album such a success. Gone too are the even grungier guitars and self-deprecating introspective of the second album. In its place is the worst kind of alt-rock-pop that mainstream music is infamous for. Crisp and clean, with no caffeine, this is over-produced and without any semblance of a soul, rock or otherwise.
The single “Hash Pipe” is, for lack of a better word, uninspired. And it’s probably one of the two best songs on the album. “Island in the Sun” is the other and plays like a Weezer B-side — cute, but lackluster.
The rest of the release is — at the risk of affronting all Weezer fans everywhere — completely disposable. It has a tired, forced feeling to it, as if the band was just going through the motions. Or maybe they were half-asleep during recording.
Either way, the whole project just screams, ‘contractual obligations.’ What probably went down is that music execs, waiting for an album that never materialized, shook the band awake from a drunken stupor one morning and said, “Grab your gear. You play now.” It’s disheartening, because as a fan, five years is an awfully long time to wait for such tedium. But don’t give up. They’ve still got some genius left in them; I can feel it. It’s just not on this album. (Geffen)

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