Humanities Research Institute Protocols

Founded: July 2000Funding: $25,000 per year, guaranteed for a minimum of three years

Purpose: to encourage the development of research programs and initiatives in the faculty of humanities at Brock University and generate greater public awareness of the faculty’s high levels of scholarly expertise and creative productivity

Organization: the institute is administered by a director, appointed for a two year period, in consultation with an advisory board consisting of five humanities scholars (including the dean of humanities ex officio). The director receives .5 course teaching relief

Events: By the end of the 2000-01 academic year, the HRI will have sponsored three humanities faculty-related events (open to the university as a whole)

•A scholarship and funding discussion with Dr. Marc Renaud, president of SSHRC (January 25, 2001)

•A presentation by Dr. Len Findlay, director of the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Saskatchewan, called “Arts with Attitude: Reading and Responding to Crisis in the Humanities” (February 26, 2001)

•The Humanities Research Institute’s first annual “Spring Symposium and Celebration of Scholarship” (May 1, 2001)

Research Plans: the Humanities Research Institute defines “research” broadly and inclusively, recognizing that research, scholarship, and creative activity in the humanities take many forms, and that individuals may have more- or less-defined research and/or performance programs in place at different stages in their scholarly lives. It thus welcomes research “plans” that take a variety of forms — some consisting of formally set-out statements of intention with respect to the next few years, and others involving statements of a more general and exploratory nature with regard to work newly begun or still at a ruminative stage of development

Media Presence: The HRI is in the process of developing a website, featuring information about its associates, their interests and accomplishments, and upcoming HRI events, as well as links to other sites of interest to humanities scholars and their research interests

Membership: There are currently 52 HRI associates from a faculty complement of 72. As part of the application process, each associate files a research plan with the HRI. All full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty in humanities are eligible for associate status. Associates are eligible to compete for HRI Research Awards (two competitions are held per year, in January and June) or for HRI support for conferences or colloquia in the humanities that they are organizing.

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